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Simple Spreadsheets for Hard Decisions

JacobyCVR_front72webBest personal, financial, and business choices with Microsoft Excel — when you have too many goals and too little information.

Learn to build powerful, custom financial model in minutes, even if you’ve never used Excel before. Then use them interactively to compare, evaluate and fine-tune your options.

Ever wish you could glimpse your future—just long enough to make a decision today?

  • Should I buy a house or rent?
  • How much money can I spend?
  • Which car should I buy?
  • How much must I save to send my child to college?
  • Which health insurance should I buy?
  • Can I afford to retire?
  • Should I change jobs?
  • Can I handle the risks of aggressive investments?

Conquer life’s daunting decisions with the help of a friend you’ve had right on your desk all along: Microsoft Excel.

Excel leaves a crystal ball in the dust when it comes to answers. Instead of one vague future, the spreadsheets you will learn to build show actual potential consequences of decisions you make today…change the decision: change the consequences! Yes, there are always unknowns. But, change your assumptions about them—inflation, investment returns, future expenses, and so on—and see how the outcome changes.

Advice on making and saving money is everywhere. But, only in Simple Spreadsheets for Hard Decisions do you master informed spending, saving, choosing a course of action, and other quality-of-life choices. Do the numbers to quantify your values and see possible futures beyond those of any crystal ball!

Have you, due to insufficient information, ever made a rash decision or no decision at all? The methods and samples in this book give you the know-how to make a balanced decision when you feel pulled in many directions by uncertainty or conflicting goals. The book’s simple techniques help you quickly build a spreadsheet to guide your thinking on outcomes beyond your control, for personal, financial, or business decisions.

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