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This is a sample of some of the books currently in the works from City Shore Press. 

Decisiveness…and How to Get It

When you’re decisive, you make things happen, you exude confidence. Decisiveness is a powerful personal characteristic, and you can get it. This book will inspire you to be decisive and give you the fast, simple, analytical tools you need to move ahead with confidence.

Simple Spreadsheets for Retirement Decisions

How much will I need when I retire? How much do I need to save? Where should I put my savings? How am I doing so far? When can I afford to retire? How should I take my pension? How much can I spend in retirement? What about taxes? Should I buy or rent? How much risk should I take? How can I maximize what I leave my heirs? The spreadsheets that come with this book will help you answer these, and other, questions. You’ll also learn a few simple Excel techniques so you can customize these spreadsheets, or create your own.

Essential Excel in One Day for Decision Makers

Busy decision makers, learn all the Excel you need in eight lessons of an hour or less. You’ll get several powerful decision spreadsheets that demonstrate the use of these simple techniques. Predict the future. Balance multiple goals. Assess your risks.

Risky Business: Scenarios, Monte Carlo, and other techniques for assessing your risk

Balance risk and reward. Understand your risks, then make informed choices that maximize your effectiveness while keeping risks manageable. Learn how to turn any spreadsheet into a Monte Carlo model to quantify your risks. The accompanying decision spreadsheets demonstrate the use of these powerful techniques.

Books for Decision Makers